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Preventive dentistry is the general practice of caring for your teeth and gums using treatments and best practices to keep them healthy. Proper oral hygiene can ensure teeth are clean and strong. It also helps to avoid cavities, gum disease and more. Effective preventive dentistry starts with at-home oral care along with chairside treatments and counseling from a dental professional.  There are many forms of preventive care ranging from periodic dental cleanings, routine brushing and flossing, nutritional diet and orthodontic evaluations.

Cleanings and Examinations

A dental visit involving examinations and cleanings (prophylaxis) are recommended every six months to remove dental plaque and stains. A thorough check-up for signs of tooth decay that can cause infection, tooth loss or damage is also conducted. During the visit, radiographs (x-rays) can be taken for closer inspection. Children would also receive fluoride treatments or sealants.

Orthodontic Evaluation

Our dentists also provide orthodontic evaluations to children and adults. The evaluation focuses on the facial development of your teeth, gums, bones and muscles in you mouth so you can plan ahead with additional dental care treatment in cases where the dentist notices the crowding of teeth, too much space between teeth, protruding teeth, extra or missing teeth and sometimes jaw growth problems.  Once the assessment is complete, our office will refer you to an orthodontist along with your formal evaluation with our findings.

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